June 20, 2012

Job applications and cover letters

I just turned in the application, resume, and cover letter for my dream job :D It took me almost a week to do it, because I worked so hard on perfecting the wording and researching everything I needed to get it all right. Whew. Part of me is just glad it's done, but the other part of me is kind of feeling like "holy crap, what have I done?!?" It's hard to describe... I really, really want this job, but I have minimal experience in the required areas (besides customer service) and it's super competitive in the library field right now. People with twice my education and 3 times as much experience are having a hard time finding a job: why should I get the first job I apply for?
Seattle Public Library - my future?
On the other hand, I'm applying for a bunch of receptionist/office assistant jobs that I really don't want, and I'll probably use the same basic cover letter and resume for all of them. I don't want to get a job outside of a library, but I need a job -any job- now. The plus side is that I'll have some more experience if I get one of these jobs; and if I can work in Seattle I'll probably make a decent amount of money, too. Still, I don't expect to get any of those jobs just because, again, minimal experience is really not in my favor. Seattle probably has hundreds of people more qualified than me, actively searching for the same jobs.
Ah, Seattle... I'm doing a reconnaissance trip there tomorrow (since I haven't been to any libraries in Seattle), and I'm a little nervous. I don't think of myself as a small-town girl until I think about going to a huge, busy city like that, all by myself. I'm sure the worst thing that I can expect is walking too slow and needing to wait an hour for the next ferry, but still, it gets to me. I am excited because I'll have my Kindle on the ferry, and I can work on Don Quixote some more. I'm also going to take my camera and maybe play tourist a little :) I'll post some photos if I get any good ones!
I don't think I'll get pics like this!

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