July 1, 2012

eep.... I was AFK!

Soooo, I went to Seattle and had a lot of fun, and then totally didn't post about it or anything after that. I've been gone for over a week: sad face!! I haven't gotten a lot of complaints about the lack of posts (none, actually: isn't anybody paying attention? lol) so I haven't been too stressed about it, but I have been making mental notes of what I want to talk about when I get back to blogging, especially how topic-less I seem to be. I don't mind blogging about everyday stuff, but I'd like to have more of a focus to this, and I'm having a hard time coming up with material along those lines... So bear with me, I'll get back to posting on a semi-regular basis and keep trying to promote my blog as much as possible :) As always, some feedback would really help me decide what direction I should go with this!!!

For now, I'm going to leave this short and sweet, but in the next few days I'll post about Seattle, my job searching, and whatever else I can think of :D


  1. The comments will come as you continue to add content...and link to Facebook, etc. Seattle is one of my most favoritest places! I lived there once and was planning to stay, but God had other plans.


  2. You haven't posted for more than a month lady!!! >:O

    1. I knooooooooow! :( I've been depressed about the whole job search thing, but I do want to get back to posting soon. I've just been really out of it lately :S