September 12, 2012

Noom, LRU, and other stuff

My goals seem to be all over the place lately... first off, I know I was going to post every five days, which was two days ago, but I didn't get around to it Monday, and yesterday I kind of avoided it because I felt obligated to mention 9/11 if I wrote a post on that day, and since I didn't have anything to say (and I hate feeling like I'm being forced to do something), I just put it off. Ironically, I'm mentioning today, but I'm going to just see that as my own choice :) Also, sorry about that run-on sentence...  I'll try again to be on a schedule, but since I'm really just not that uptight about being punctual for myself, it probably won't happen XD Another side note: typing with bright pink-red nails is very distracting and feels mildly retro somehow.
Little bright spots that draw the eye...

September 5, 2012

A quick break from the books...

I'm almost neurotic about posting now, after being gone for 2 months (I realized I lied in the last post, when I said a month and a half or so: it was exactly 2 months!). I think 5 days is a nice number... It's not a specific day of the week, nor a week apart, but it does mean "once or twice a week" if I'm consistent :) Still just working on forming good habits, I guess... But that applies to every area of my life. Did you know, I consider myself very easy-going, but I've found that a few things have sprung up lately that make me realize that I still need to work on my temper and having patience! I suppose it would be a bit foolish to think I was done growing in those areas, but the extent of the problem (or the shortness of my fuse) really surprised me. Stay humble, me!

September 1, 2012

We now return to our regularly scheduled... um... hmm... what is this, anyhow?

Well, I've had longer sabbaticals, so a month and a half or so isn't too bad! I have been busy, too, so although I can't really see myself picking up where I left off (with promises to tell about my trip to Seattle, etc.) I do have lots to talk about :) First off, I do have to apologize to whoever was getting used to my semi-regular posting. I know I dropped off the face of the blogging planet, and the main reason for that was a mean bout of depression. Multiple rejections and dead-ends in the job search just started to get to me, so I went on an anime binge and didn't come out of it until we found out we were moving. My bad, completely :S In my defense, I also spent a couple weeks packing and moving and unpacking, so it wasn't all avoidable... right? :)
Treats from my favorite pastry shop in Seattle