September 11, 2010

Seagulls & Nonsense

My forever is yours always
My heart is never my own again
My breath, my touch, my lips
I weakly surrender to yours...
Weakly, gladly, completely.
Every stupid cliche applies
Every love song rings true
Every corny sentiment too
Lost, incomplete, dead without you
I don't have anything, but still
Like some bratty little kid
"Mine" is my favorite word again

September 7, 2010

You are God

Just a song I'm working on...

You are God
You are more than ev'rything
You are power and peace
You are grace to me
You are mine, I am Yours, hear me sing

You are God
You have suffered ev'rything
You are love and might
You are lasting light
You are here, so am I, hear me sing

You are God
You have taken ev'rything
You are life and death
You are each sweet breath
You are God, I am new, hear me sing