October 31, 2012

An update, in general

A few things have happened since my post-before-last, besides that super fun party I mentioned :) In particular, I finally have a job! For anybody that doesn't see this blog via facebook, I have an orientation tomorrow morning for a page job at our local library: yay! I'm super excited about finally working in a library, and I think having a set schedule every week will encourage me to get more done when I am home. At any rate, I'm looking forward to finding out what my hours will be like, since it's just 15 hours a week. I'm hoping for three 5-hour shifts in the afternoon :D I'm also looking forward to having a little spending money!
...says my brain.

October 27, 2012

God makes the grass grow!

I went to a very nice birthday party last night, and it reminded me of the wonderful fact that God actually makes the grass grow :)
so pretty...
I'm sure I'll need to back up a bit here and explain what I mean, but first I want to describe a little bit of the kind of day I had before the party, and even a bit of my attitude all week. You see, I'm pretty sure that the devil was trying to prevent me from going to the party. In the two weeks leading up to last night, I had to arrange to get a ride to the party, figure out what I wanted to make/take for the birthday girl, and dig up a few items for an "accessory exchange" (awesome idea for a party, honestly! I scored the cutest purse :D). It doesn't seem like all that would be hard to do, especially in two weeks, right? I find it incredible how small and sneaky the enemy is...