February 3, 2013

Stress and Shopping

In my opinion, shopping causes more stress rather than relieving any. Just sayin'. I've been incredibly stressed out the last couple of week, mainly because of homework and finances. There were multiple misunderstandings and miscommunications about when my financial aid was going to be available, so a lot of the things I planned to do with the money didn't pan out. In a way, this was a really good thing, since I was able to continually review and refine my wishlist until I knew exactly what I needed, and what was just extra fluff. But at the same time, it was intensely frustrating to see sales end and items go out of stock as each day passed and the money still isn't released. The combination of this frustration and the fact that I overloaded myself with 15 credits meant that I became deeply depressed last week. I don't mind admitting that I don't have the best control over my attitude at all times, but it does make me sad that I can't really take care of my husband when I get into a funk like that :( 
If only it was as fun as this looks...