February 3, 2013

Stress and Shopping

In my opinion, shopping causes more stress rather than relieving any. Just sayin'. I've been incredibly stressed out the last couple of week, mainly because of homework and finances. There were multiple misunderstandings and miscommunications about when my financial aid was going to be available, so a lot of the things I planned to do with the money didn't pan out. In a way, this was a really good thing, since I was able to continually review and refine my wishlist until I knew exactly what I needed, and what was just extra fluff. But at the same time, it was intensely frustrating to see sales end and items go out of stock as each day passed and the money still isn't released. The combination of this frustration and the fact that I overloaded myself with 15 credits meant that I became deeply depressed last week. I don't mind admitting that I don't have the best control over my attitude at all times, but it does make me sad that I can't really take care of my husband when I get into a funk like that :( 
If only it was as fun as this looks...
Thankfully the money is scheduled to be released tomorrow, and I'm also planning to drop my class with the heaviest workload. Yay! As soon as I decided that I would drop a class, I was so relieved that I could actually feel myself balancing back out and getting my normal good mood back. As often as I seem to mention being depressed, I really do have a very cheerful and positive base level! I think I was more excited about dropping a class than I am about finally buying the things I've been shopping for...To be sure, I could probably do without a lot of things, as long as I have food and a roof overhead; but I'm talking about stuff to make me presentable and comfortable for work: mainly, makeup and clothes. And for the amount of money I'm planning to spend, I'm getting a heck of a bang for my buck!!! Not to mention not needing makeup or shirts for about a year XD
Sometimes, they do overlap :)
It's exciting to think that I'll be pretty much set on cute stuff for work, but I'll still need to buy a couple things in a few weeks. Why? Because I'm planning to lose a TON of weight (okay, 20lbs) and I'll definitely need new pants :D I know, I've been planning to lose some weight for a while now, but it's actually in the works now! Davey and I have successfully cut out soda from our diets since New Years, and I've lost about 5lbs already. I got a book from the library that has a detox plan that's supposed to let you lose 21lbs in 21days, so we'll be starting that once we have the money to buy all the right foods. I'll certainly be doing a post to let you know how it goes :) Oh, and another fun plan for the financial aid: we'll be joining the YMCA so that we can start going to a gym on a regular basis. Now if we can just get ourselves motivate to take walks...
So yeah, that's my quick update for now! I still adore my job, I really love all of my other classes, and I'm looking forward to creating my new, grown-up & professional work look with my new clothes and makeup XD It will give lots of material for posts, so keep an eye out!

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post, but I'm excited for the future ones, if you're still keen on updating this blog! ^^b