October 31, 2012

An update, in general

A few things have happened since my post-before-last, besides that super fun party I mentioned :) In particular, I finally have a job! For anybody that doesn't see this blog via facebook, I have an orientation tomorrow morning for a page job at our local library: yay! I'm super excited about finally working in a library, and I think having a set schedule every week will encourage me to get more done when I am home. At any rate, I'm looking forward to finding out what my hours will be like, since it's just 15 hours a week. I'm hoping for three 5-hour shifts in the afternoon :D I'm also looking forward to having a little spending money!
...says my brain.

Especially in the last few months, I've been becoming more and more fashion conscious (for lack of a better term). Mostly in the area of makeup, since I intend to always do whatever I want with my hair and clothes, but even in those areas I'm still trying to get a little creative and figure out what my "look" should be. The other night my friend Anna took me window shopping and we spent a long time browsing the makeup aisles. She spends a lot more time doing research on girly things than I do, so I've designated her as my personal fashion consultant :D Most of the things I need help with are figuring out colors for various products, so Anna is giving me lots of little tips (most of which I will never remember).
Anna will make me look like this, right? :D
In other news, I'm seriously trying to go to school next spring. I still need to send a transcript and a couple other things before I'll know if I've been accepted to LRU, but I already have my classes picked out. I decided that, if I can handle 20 credits in a quarter, I can probably handle 15 credits in a semester (somebody tell me that makes sense, please?). So in that case, these are the classes (all of them 3 credits each) that I want to start with:
  • Contemporary Ethics
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Theology Survey I
  • Personal Evangelism
There's also a "Intro to Theological Research and Writing" that  doesn't count for credit but appears to be required, so I will have to see if I need to take that, too. It's supposed to only take a month to complete, so if I can take all six classes I might go for it, though I'm kind of hoping that I can get it filled with transfer credits... Even at 15 credits a semester, it will take about 2 years to finish this degree. But I definitely think that the end result (B.A. in Religion) will be really sweet!
I'll be doing more than just cracking my Bible open, finally!
Speaking of sweetness, it does happen to be Halloween today. I'm all for the fun dressing-up and getting candy part, but I've never enjoyed the scaring part. My parents took my sister and I to "harvest parties" when we were growing up, and as homeschoolers we did research on the origins of the holidays. I have to say, Halloween freaks me out in general, but Jack-o-lanterns? Holy cow! I did some more research while writing this, and while the stuff I read about growing up was (thankfully) disproven, but most of the stuff I read talks about carved pumpkins being a symbol of a "damned soul." Creepy! Although I guess that's the point of the whole event,  I don't really think it's something that should be promoted so casually. That's just me, of course :)
This one is really cool, though :D
Let's see... I've covered my new job, new school, the holiday, and fashion/makeup! I'd say that is fairly good work for one post :D

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