November 2, 2012

My First Webinar

I feel like the title of this post should be in chunky letters, possibly primary colors, to go along with the whole "my first, etc" theme :) I am, however, currently attending my first ever web seminar, or webinar! There's a bit of a problem with the speaker/presenter's internet; so while I'm waiting for the thing to actually begin, I thought I'd get started on today's post. I'm pretty darn happy with myself for getting up at 7am today, but before anybody gets all impressed I should mention that I will probably take a nap later XD At any rate, it's progress, right?! Which is good, since I have less than a week before I will have to be at work by this time... Yes, that's right: I have my work schedule finally! I'm not sure if it's my permanent schedule, but it looks like I work Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday mornings. A bit of a mixed bag on that, but I do appreciate that my work days are all in a row :)
Until now, my schedule has been wide open.
I know I mentioned in my last post that I had to go to an orientation yesterday, and so I did! Just realized that I forgot to actually tell you what the webinar is about, but I promise to get back to that... Orientation was really, really fun, and that's actually how I even found out about the webinar! I got up pretty early yesterday, too: which was awesome, because I found out the location was not at the Gig Harbor branch, but at a center in Tacoma (about 40 minutes away). God was definitely at work because I had no reason to triple-check my letter telling me when it was, but I did decide to check it again and wound up getting there right on time :D I would have definitely been late otherwise :(
I felt very "white rabbit"
But! Everything turned out great and I spent about five hours with some really cool people, doing all kinds of paperwork and learning some of the ins and outs of the job. Out of the 5 employees being orientated, 4 of us were pages for the Gig Harbor branch, so I even know a few of the people I'll be working with! More excited about this job every day... As I said, we did a ton of paperwork, including some stuff about our union, and after a lunch break we had "technical training," which was really just an overview of the web resources for employees. There was a lot of information, though, so I made sure to take notes, and even signed up for a webinar as soon as I got home! I noticed it while we were being shown around the website, and since it was for this morning, and free, I wanted to give it a shot.
Aw, so cute!
I've been hearing about webinars since I started looking into working at libraries over a year ago, but I never really thought about just signing up for one. Since many of them are free, I have no idea why I wouldn't; maybe I thought they would be on topics that would be irrelephant to me until I got a job... The point being, I got excited when I saw the post about a webinar on Evernote. It's a note-taking and -sorting program that works a bit like a cloud system, so you can access your information in lots of places. My thinking was, if I'm really going to attempt 15+ credits in a semester, I better improve how I take notes. Especially since my classes are all online, keeping track of my homework online in a searchable database makes a lot of sense. 
Sadly, just now the webinar was canceled (to be rescheduled) because of technical difficulties, but I'm looking forward to when they try again because webinars look like fun :D So, orientation was great, webinars are awesome, and I'm up early! God is good, and I'm posting with no schedule at all. Seems like trying to hold myself to schedule doesn't work at all, but saying "I don't care how often I post" suddenly gives me lots to write about; who knew? :)
Our roads really look pretty close to this!
Have I mentioned what beautiful weather we've been having? The fall colors are absolutely amazing, and it's been wonderfully rainy and cold: I am SO happy! It's all autumnal. So awesome. We've even had some fog, which (while being crap for driving) gives a lovely, isolated effect to the view outside our bedroom window :D It's definitely the kind of weather where reading is a must, and since I'm still working through the Shannara series, I'm a happy camper. But I'm working on expanding my reading horizons, as always, so I've actually started making some notes for newer books and authors to check out. Evernote has a web-clipping tool that I'm finding very handy for making a reading list.
Wishful thinking says I look like this while reading :)
I seem to have a hard time wrapping up my posts in a nice way... I feel like the last paragraph would be the right place to ask my readers about something, or address comments on the last post, but... Yeah. You know it. No readers, and no comments. I think 75% of my page views come from Google Images X( I do have a lot of fun finding pictures for my posts, and I feel like it makes them more interesting, or at least attempts to do that; but I do still crave feedback o.o 
What do you think about that?


  1. It definitely takes time to begin receiving regular subscribers (that are not your friends lol) It's something I decided not to worry about. If no one reads my blog, that's okay because I just wanted to get whatever I had on my chest, off. ^^

    1. true! just being about to write it all down is great :) my concern is that I won't ever get non-friend readers because my content isn't general enough...

    2. ah, I feel the same. So far you and one other co-worker are the only ones who keep up with my posts and have encouraged me. lol that's okay though, at least I can share with someone who finds it entertaining. XD