September 5, 2012

A quick break from the books...

I'm almost neurotic about posting now, after being gone for 2 months (I realized I lied in the last post, when I said a month and a half or so: it was exactly 2 months!). I think 5 days is a nice number... It's not a specific day of the week, nor a week apart, but it does mean "once or twice a week" if I'm consistent :) Still just working on forming good habits, I guess... But that applies to every area of my life. Did you know, I consider myself very easy-going, but I've found that a few things have sprung up lately that make me realize that I still need to work on my temper and having patience! I suppose it would be a bit foolish to think I was done growing in those areas, but the extent of the problem (or the shortness of my fuse) really surprised me. Stay humble, me!

As my currently reading widget (which I love) says, I'm starting The Gypsy Morph tonight, and I am so excited about it! I mentioned in my last post that I'm reading the Shannara series, and my lovely maternal unit brought it to my attention that I should not refer to the newer books as prequels. I'm not sure what else to call them, but suffice it to say that if you have never read any of the Shannara books before, you should go with the order they were published in first, then try chronological :) With that piece of business cleared up, I just have to say: I am loving this series!!! I was very curious how the books all tied together, and Brooks does a great job of making it all makes sense, but even more than that, I just can't put them down :D
Nothing like a good read :)
Now, not being able to put a book down is nothing new for me. The difference I want to point out here is the fact that these are basically modern literature, and my usual bent is for much older, wordier stuff. I'm not saying (by any means) that they are flawless, but reading 5 books in a week is (in my opinion) a fair indication of a captivating plot with characters that can hold the reader's interest. My biggest concern right now is being able to keep up that pace, since I really need a job still! My interview on Monday went really well, and I think they'll probably call me as soon as the have an opening for me, but at the same time I really love having all this free time to read. Also, one of the best side effects of getting my nose stuck in a book is my lack of interest in Facebook games :D I still play one on a daily basis, but it's not like before where I was dedicated to at least 6 games at any given time. Whew!
Something like that XD
As always, comments are appreciated, but I think I've made it pretty clear that I'll keep writing no matter what :) Back to my wonderful books I go!

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