June 1, 2012

And we're back!

Hey everybody that reads this, sorry about the lack of posts lately! I've been really overwhelmed, the end of the quarter is almost here and I've been trying to start thinking about job hunting: ick. I started a post yesterday, but I was really grumpy, so I didn't publish it (or even finish) and I'm trying again today. I'm going to keep it short, but I'm definitely in a better mood now!

One of the reasons that I was so crabby yesterday was because I was super stressed out about one of my classes. My "Employment in Libraries" class is taught by my favorite teacher, and she was going to call me to do a mock phone interview. I really really really hate talking on the phone (lack of eye contact = bad) and I've never done a phone interview; heck, I've only had two real interviews in my life. Anyway, it wasn't awful, but I could have done a lot better. Two of my favorite teachers (the one for this class and my cataloging teacher) did a tag-team thing and asked me questions for about 15 minutes, and then I got to ask them some questions about the job, and finally they gave me some feedback. The whole thing took less than half an hour, but it was nerve wracking!
No, I didn't use a corded phone
I'm reading Dracula again, and I'm already at something like 88% (btw, I use percentages because that's what my Kindle uses: there are no page numbers!). I know it's not nearly as impressive as reading seven books in a week, but older (and better) books take me longer to read. The writing isn't as simplified, and I have to concentrate: I love it :D I always wonder why there aren't more people reading Dracula, and then I get towards the end and I remember that I have a theory about that. See, they talk about God a lot. It's set in a time when most people, especially in Europe, are Christians, and a faith in God is completely normal. And it's not like Twilight, where there's a possibility that vampires have a soul. Undead = no soul, end of story. I'm not sure if that counts as a spoiler or not, so my bad if you were planning to read either story. I really think more people should read Dracula. He's messed up, but the humans in the story: they're what the book is really about. Not how cool and sexy vampires are, but how much humans can overcome with goodness and faith and moral strength. Mina Harker is totally one of my heroes!

So much for keeping this short! I'm going to go back to my homework before this gets any longer, but I might post again tonight: I still need to mention the new look of my blog, and get some feedback/interaction from my "readers." Quit stalking me and comment on stuff! (Please!)

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