June 16, 2012

I hate school...

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately, but I do: I hate school so much. Learning is fabulous, but grades, fees, deadlines, and the innumerable rules, are disgusting. This vent has nothing, believe it or not, to do with the fact that I finished finals yesterday. It does have to do with the fact that I have loans, and I don't even have a 4-year degree yet. My mom, life-giver and teacher that she has been to me, had to bring this up today, just when I was feeling really good about the future. Now I have doubt: not because that was what she was trying to do, but because she's usually right >.< And trying to find another school is the last thing I want to do right now.

To recap: I have a 2-year degree from a 4-year university, and a certificate from a 2-year community college. If I transferred all the credits I have to another school, it would probably only take me a couple terms to complete a bachelors degree. But I'm tired of school: why would I even consider it? I've even found a fabulous job to apply for, at the Seattle Public Library. I'm fully qualified, and the position doesn't even require a degree. But while my husband is in school, he gets more financial aid if we're both students: and so do I. That's why I would even think about it. Ugh.... I hate it when things get complicated.
The worst part of this is that I started looking for online schools (nothing local would work) and already gave out my contact info a few times: yay spam email and unwanted phone calls :P I wish schools would just put everything online and make it easy, but nooooo: I'm probably too stupid to figure anything out without their help, so they have to call me, which is annoying and a waste of time. Oh well... I'll have to see how this job application goes, and if that falls through, I'll work on my AmeriCorps scheme. School will be my last resort!
In other news, I started re-watching my favorite anime, One Piece. It's a wonderful show, basically an action-comedy about pirates with super powers :D Ahhh, it makes me happy just thinking about it! My favorite character hasn't shown up yet (I'm only on episode 57, out of over 500 eps) but she's wonderful: her name is Nico Robin, she's a kind of archaeologist-pirate and she's always reading. Her "power" is the ability to multiply any part of her body so that she can, say, make a chain of arms and then put an extra eye on the last hand so that she can see around a corner XD She rarely has to do any actual fighting because she can make her extra arms on an enemy and put them in a full-body cage from a distance.
I bring up One Piece because I'm really excited about my new ringtones! I was able to find a couple good ones on Phonezoo and I'm just waiting for a text to come :D I haven't had my phone off vibrate in a couple years, it seems. I'm so used to being in places where it needs to be quiet, so I'm enjoying the idea of a phone I can hear XD I've got to wrap this up though: it's time for burgers, and I'm in charge of the delicious bacon!!

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  1. Another consideration for the SPL job: with an MLS they might consider you "over qualified." Get the job, then you can do an on-line school program. That's what a co-worker did. I think I sent you the names of 2 schools she mentioned that have good on-line MLS programs a while back, but I can't remember them now.