June 4, 2012

Anime and reading, stress escapes

What do you do when you're stressed out? I tend to shut everything out, not realize that I'm stressed, and find something fun to do. My favorites are mindless facebook games, reading, anime, and eating. Not exactly original choices, but they sure make me feel better! I know, procrastination usually backfires and you're more stressed because now there's even less time to get stuff done. But I usually don't have that problem, in large part because I understand that I'm in charge of my choices and it's not going to help anything to freak out when I realize I'm running low on time (not saying I never freak out, just not usually). That's when I get more munchies and buckle down to work... until I shut things out again and go back to playing XD But really, what do you do when you're stressed out? I could use some alternatives :)
One of the results for "stress eating" XD
I actually get a lot done when I'm procrastinating, just not homework or anything. For instance, reading seven books in a week was only possible because I pretty much didn't do anything else! Although, I did actually turn in all my homework on time that week... This last week, I also turned everything in on time, and also read Dracula and watched a 50-episode anime series. Maybe I do work better when I allow myself to have fun? Heh. This week I'm reading Don Quixote (which I am loving!) and I'll probably watch some more anime. I watched one called "NANA" last week, and it was pretty good, but a little sad. It's was basically a soap opera anime, but it had some amazingly funny moments, so I liked it XD I think I'll watch a pretty short (only 12 episodes) series next, called Aoi Bungaku; as far as I can tell, it's a collection of classic Japanese literary works translated into anime for the younger generation, to make them more accessible. Think Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney :) Probably not super-accurate, but it could be entertaining!
Cowboy Bebop
I used to watch a huge amount of anime, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do well in college if I kept that up, so I've done very little anime watching in the last four years. Other than over the summer, I just haven't allowed myself to get into that kind of groove again, so I have a very long list of things I want to watch! My favorite genres are action comedies (like One Piece or Trigun) and the slice-of-life ones (like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star). But I also watch dramas and fantasy stuff. Pretty much anything besides porn I'll try at least once, although I don't really like the mind-warp ones. Don't mess with my brain, man!! I guess what I'm getting at here, though, is that anime has lots of different genres and shouldn't be compared to American cartoons. Just sayin'.
Squee! Shakespeare FTW!
I like how my resolution to do short, frequent posts instead of long posts has turned into long and (relatively) frequent posts! If I can keep this up, I'll be really happy with myself :) I love talking about what I'm reading, and besides that I'm going to try to keep everybody up-to-date about my job searching and volunteer work. For tonight, I'm going to call it quits because I have a long day tomorrow (just two days left on my internship!) and I have to wrap up some cataloging homework :D SO for now: how do you deal with stress? What do you think of my blog so far? What are you reading, and what's on your to-do/read/watch list??

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