May 19, 2012

Form and content

I've noticed that three of my recent posts begin with "So," and that bugs me. I hate repeating myself, especially within the body of a single paper, essay, post, etc., but even beginning the posts the same way is lame. I'm going to work on finding a new way to introduce topics :) And aside from introducing topics, I need to actually be more consistent about which topics I talk about! So far, this blog is a series of disconnected, rambling posts interspersed with an odd poem or two. Not exactly professional-looking. At the same time, I don't want to restrict myself to a certain set of topics. This is my blog, and it's going to be about my life: work, play, church, family, friends, and everything else. But I also want it to be interesting XD We'll see how that goes.

In the mean time, I want to seriously consider the format of this blog. It's the internet, so I've got a few options: audio, video, pictorial, plain text, or a combination. You might notice that I've been trying to break up blocks of text with images, and that's a start. My sister commented on my recent Kindle tutorial and it really stuck with me: she said, first, that I had a sexy voice (lol) and second, that she could see me doing a vlog. That's an interesting concept to me, but, since I don't know how often I could actually record myself, I wouldn't want to try and make it a regular thing anytime soon. School, busy busy, etc. It could be fun, though :) I would want to make it a combination thing, though: video and text. It seems to me that it would defeat the purpose of talking about libraries and literacy if I translate it all into a format that doesn't require reading!


  1. I think you'll do fine, even if you decide to do some vlogging. Lots of talentless hacks post inane stuff on YouTube all the time and you've got more on the ball than they do.

  2. Don't worry about jumping from topic to topic. If your subject truly engages you, your readers will be provoked by your writing.