June 4, 2011


For my first post I want to try and summarize who God is to me and why He is the center of my life. It just makes sense to start with the foundation of my life. I'm not trying to summarize God Himself, of course, because (if it was even possible) it would take the rest of my life to do it! As Frank Peretti puts it, "You don't define God, and I don't define God. It is not up to Man to define God! God is not a matter of opinion."

That being the case, I am left to my relationship with God and Jesus, and what it means to me. Oh my. I believe, first, that God is the Creator of all things. That Jesus died for the sins of the world, thus sparing me the punishment I actually deserve. And there is nothing on this earth that can truly harm me because of Him. Since He is the Living God, I think it would be nice to describe with more verbs than adjectives...

He is saving. I am not just redeemed or saved or made new, in the past tense, but constantly God is saving, redeeming, and making me new. He daily is forgiving and loving despite my faults and failures, because He is good and merciful. I believe that Jesus is actively interceding on my behalf at all times. 

God is also present. He is here in my life at every moment. And not just here but everywhere. I believe He doesn't just set things into motion and know where the world will go from there, but that He personally guides every atom and quark (yes that's a thing) and whatever is even smaller than that, every millisecond of eternity.

I think that's all I need to say for a start. I want to address some other topics in detail later, but what He is doing for me and what He is doing everywhere all the time is more than enough reason for me to worship and praise Him with all of my heart for all of my days, and strive to have a better understanding of God and His word. Certainly, I fall short of my own ideals every day, but that's what grace is for :)


  1. I fully agree with you babe. I think a lot of people say things like "Well in my opinion, God is..." and that isn't right. No Christian should have to say that. We should just outright say God is love and he is our Saviour. That's the way it used to be but no one wants to offend anyone anymore. God is constantly here and now, he is past, present & future. I think some people forget about that since the Bible is so old. I love you and I'm glad I found you. I can't wait to take you as my good Christian wife!

  2. Aww that is awesome!.. oh crap here comes those pregnancy tears again.. stop making me cry! lol

  3. Wait, if you don't get the punishment you deserve (because Jesus was crucified) then what does it even mean to deserve a punishment?

    1. We are sinners and what we deserve is to essentially be roommates with Satan for the rest of eternity in the burning abyss. And because Jesus, the only son of God (and also a part of God) sacrificed himself for us, he took our sins from us so that we may join God in heaven. We don't really deserve this and that is why God's grace and mercy on us is so profound. We are unworthy but he loves us anyways.