July 30, 2011

Don't: A bit of a mission statement.

Don't tell me what to do.
Don't tell me what I'll regret.
Don't assume anything.
Don't ever say never.
Don't blame others for anything.
Don't judge based on appearances.
Don't gossip to me.
Don't be afraid of hurting me.
Don't ignore me.
Don't tell me to tell somebody else what to do.
Don't call me a liar.
Don't put yourself down.
Don't ask me to change.
Don't think I can't change.
Don't stop believing.

I will make my own choices, based on the information I have. I will take responsibility for those choices, and never regret them, but instead learn from the ones that don't go so well. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. I will give everything and everyone a chance, and accept God's will for my life. I will take the blame for anything that I can reasonably be blamed for, and let others take responsibility without my help. I will learn from the times that I have been judged by my appearance, and give others a break. I will listen to anything you need to say, and I will keep it to myself. I will be careful not to take things personally, and grow thicker skin when I need to. I will accept attention graciously without seeking it purposefully. I will give you the best advice I can think of, and always advise you to do what you believe is best. I will always say the truth in the kindest way possible. I will believe in the potential of everyone. I will rely on God to show me my faults, and, with His strength, change accordingly. I will be myself, because that is who God made me to be.

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  1. All those negatives (even though some of them are good negatives) remind me of the road trip George and I took to Utah many years ago. Every road sign we saw for miles and miles told us what NOT to do. But it is a good thing to write yourself a "mission statement." It makes you evaluate where you are and how you want to proceed, to get where you want to go.