December 8, 2011

Information Overload

I am seriously unhappy with the look of my blog at the moment. I've discovered all kinds of wonderful things that Blogger can do while working on my presentation and now this blog seems woefully inadequate. Sigh....

Anyways, looking at my Twitter feed tonight, I'm overwhelmed by the amount of information I have access to now: and I'm only following about 15 people, one-third of which are family! I'm encouraged by the fact that I know that it's there, so I can use it, but also incredibly discouraged by the idea that I might miss something because there's SO much!! Reading an article about research advice makes me want to rethink the way I do research homework now, not just log the info away for later when I might have the opportunity to advise. Awesome resources for people like me and news about the field I want to work in are just the tip of the iceberg. I had a general idea of how to use Twitter and Blogspot (I guess it's Blogger now?) before, but as I figure out how to link accounts together and tweet my blog to my Facebook, I'm amazed and, like I said, overwhelmed.

I complain to my husband and my mother frequently about the technologically-backwards "idiots" in my classes, the ones who don't know how to delete the post they accidentally posted twice or can't use a comma properly. My wonderful mom raised me and educated me to look for information on my own, so I can usually fudge my way through something that is new to me and look like I know what I'm doing: I wish there were more people like my mom! Sure, it was extremely annoying to hear (5 or 6 times a day) "look it up yourself!" when I asked her about something, but at the same time it allowed me to learn to do so much on my own. Mom's "how do you think it's spelled?" gave me the guts to use trial-and-error instead of giving up, but I also had the option of looking it up in the dictionary: it just depended on which kind of lazy I wanted to be.

The tangent I'm getting around to is, maybe those "idiots" are overwhelmed by the information too? Sure, there's a million and one ways to organize all these blogs that I want to read, but they're not all run by the same site (Posterous, Blogger, Wordpress, etc). That means I need to learn to use RSS feeds next, but for now I'm bookmarking for later. It reminds me a bit of a comic that I love... Oh, did I mention, I figured out how to make links all by myself? I know it's not complicated (for instance, this post editor has a button actually says link), but some aren't as easy as others (my online classes have forum post editors with a picture of a section of chain: literally, links) and it's just that kind of thing that some of my classmates can't figure out!

I should really be doing my finals homework right now, but I got on Twitter and one thing (or link) led to another, and I rambled a bit. I've only got a couple papers to research and write, a wiki page to edit, a forum to post in, a test to take, and then I'll have a month to figure out all this Web 2.0 stuff. Oh wait... Maybe I already did that? ;)

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