August 26, 2010

Not as epic as I feel...

Whenever I think about trying to write, my mind goes blank. So much has happened in the last few weeks alone, I can't really understand why the words don't pour out of me endlessly. 

I am so happy. 

Those are the words I want to say, but I want to use better, bigger, more beautiful words to say them.

Relativity is fascinating. Speed is relative. What usually can take months or years has been crammed into days and weeks, and so it seems too fast. The months spent waiting feel like decades.

Happiness might also be relative. All joys are not equal. I take joy in doing a thing well, but I take more joy in seeing my brothers excel. I love to be recognized for a good deed, but I love even more to bless others secretly. I am happy when I am in class, but not as happy as I am in Davey's arms.

Something I know: you can't seek God with your head up your ass. Believe me, He isn't there.

Something I'm learning: there are no small things.

Something I wonder: what does God have in store?

Asking God to show you His will in your life is easy. Following the path He sets before you is difficult. Failing, while on that path, is impossible.

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